I thought I’d share some of my favorite playlist and station activities for 2020-21; I’m not including all of my Word documents with the tickets the kids received, but I will embed a few to give you ideas.  Stickers and stamps were the visual cues and crucial to helping students stay on track.  I also try to make sure I have 1-2 “easy” activities, 2 “medium” difficulty activities, and 1-2 learning activities that are more complex and involve time and higher level thinking.  While many of the learning activities are technology enhanced, I also like building in analog activities that involve a hard copy learning experience and/or interaction with me and/or other students.

Informational Text and Author’s Purpose:  Late November/Early December 2020

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Stations to Support Learners in an Informational Writing Unit:  February 2021

I have a wide range of ability levels in my classes, so differnetiating and providing enrichment and acceleration opporutnities plus “work at your pace” stations/plyalists are essential.  This unit provided students opportunties to work on their informational essays while keeping other skills for the month of February fresh and sharp:

Stations to Support Learners as We Finished an Argumentative Writing Unit:  March 2021

Many students co-wrote their argumentative essays while others chose to compose independently.  Again, these stations supported enrichment and acceleration as students completed their essay tasks.

My Favorite “Early Finishers/Enrichment” Choice Boards



All templates come from Abby Gross of Write on with Miss G; you just purchase and then customize your stations and choice boards however you wish!  I tend to use hard copy tickets (stickers and stamps) and/or Google Forms with these activities instead of the station slide provided at the end, but you can go with whatever works for you and your students!