• Station 1: “One Word” language and art activity
  • Station 2: Brainstorming positive behaviors to help us learn and brainstorming behaviors to avoid that get in the way of learning.  (free signs via TPT)
  • Station 3: All About You as a Reader/Writer Survey (Google Form)
  • Station 4: Critical Reading and Constructed Response in Canvas (see below)
  • Station 5: Silent Conversation Response Activity on What Makes a Great Book or Read
  • Station 6: Sign up for NoRedInk
  • Station 7: Syllabus Station
  • Station 8: Writing Skills Wishlist
  • Station 9: Partner Work Brainstorming Ways to Care for Our Classroom Materials and Workspace
  • Station 10: Putting the U in Language Arts Survey:  (purchased on TPT)

Station 4 asks students to accept the Canvas course invitation; then, students read an argumentative essay in NewsELA and write a constructed response analyzing the writer’s argument and techniques for developing the argument.

All station learning activity design is by me and original; station posters/templates are from Building Book Love on Teachers Pay Teachers.