Original graphic created by Tanny McGregor

I am honored to be presenting with Tanny McGregor and Paula Bourque at the 2018 International Literacy Conference in Austin, Texas this July!  If you are attending, please join our fun and interactive two hour workshop on Sunday, July 22 in Room 18B from 4PM-6PM.   This session is geared for classroom teachers, coaches, and administrators who work with students at any grade level!  Here is a quick overview of our workshop:

This will be an interactive and hands-on session in which presenters will first share the compelling research to advocate for the integration of sketchnoting as effective technique for capturing, organizing, and synthesizing information in all content areas. Then we will share samples of our students’ sketchnotes as well as examples of our personal sketchnotes. Participants will then learn the elements of sketchnoting and create their own sketchnotes to represent concepts and ideas shared in the session or for lessons they plan to teach when they return to their classrooms. Our goal is that all participants walk away with a toolkit of techniques and ideas for implementing these visual notetaking strategies immediately and can share the rationale and research to administrators, colleagues, parents, and students.

A year ago this summer,  Tanny inspired me from afar with her work on sketchnoting, and I incorporated it into my classroom this past academic year.  I am so excited and thrilled to present with her and Paula as we share the reasons for sketchnoting in any classroom, any grade, and in any subject area, inquire into real world examples of sketchnoting from our students, and share strategies to take those first steps for integrating sketchnoting into your instruction and learning with students.   Our session will be full of fun, discussion, sharing, and “can do” energy, so please join us if you can!