After a long self-imposed hiatus from public speaking, I’m excited to be presenting a session in Athens, Georgia at the GCTE (Georgia Council of Teacher of English) in February.  Here is a preview of my session, Lift Every Voice and Sing: What Will Their Verses Be? Creating a Chorus of Student Conversations for Learning and Formative Assessment:

How might teachers move away from traditional lecture and give students ownership for leading conversations for learning? How are these students’ conversations rich “texts” for formative assessments? In this session, learn a diverse range of strategies for engaging students in conversations with themselves and each other for learning and critical thinking. Discover how simple tools like chart paper, Sharpie markers, sticky notes, and writer’s notebooks can be the springboard to igniting student learning and revealing what students understand. We will explore and “try out” learning structures that provide community building and meaningful academic talk ; we will inquire how these opportunities help students construct meaning through small and whole group conversations as well as conversations with themselves while providing teachers mediums for authentic formative assessment of student learning. Mediums we’ll explore will include but are not limited to gallery walks, conversation hotpots, table talk, revved up jigsaw chats, think tank groups, Seesaw, living carousel walks, and philosophical chairs. Participants will learn a variety of strategies and technology tools for generating academic talk and reflective thinking that can be adapted based on student needs.

My session is on Friday, February 9 during the A Breakout Session block from 8:00AM until 9:15 AM in Rooms F&G.  You can learn more about the conference here; several of my Lanier High colleagues are presenting, too, so check out this post from Dr. Kyle Jones to learn about those sessions!

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