Today we reflected on our thinking from Wednesday’s reading frenzy that gave us a chance to explore 30+ articles on the future of work before taking a second pass or helping of reading of the articles with a reading rumble.

First, we began with Writer’s Notebook 4:

We also took our questions about the future of work and added them to our door of wonder!  This is our space where we can view each other’s questions and revisit them for future inquiry in the upcoming week.

Next, I introduced the concept of a reading rumble with some music to pump us up at 7:30 in the morning!

We then reviewed our instructions for the informational text reading rumble.  

This activity gave students a chance to sample more articles than they read with our “slow” reading frenzy this past Wednesday.  After reading the article for two minutes, we used sticky notes to capture our “shortcut” annotation of the articles;  these codes come from Smokey Daniels and Nancy Steineke.

Students then captured a quick reaction or note on their reading rumble tasting logs:

Once you completed your jot notes, you moved to the next desk/article to your left, and we repeated this process roughly 8-10 times.

We then concluded with a ticket out the door that we completed on an index card and stapled to our reading log.

This activity will be our springboard to our next steps for inquiry next week.  In the meantime, we now have a collection of collaboratively annotated texts that will be available for students to browse as needed as we move further into our inquiry mini-project.

Reflections/Changes for Next Time

  • Most students seemed to enjoy the activity, but a few struggled to get into the activity.  It’s always hard to know if this is because we are meeting at such an early hour, if a student is having an “off” day,  if they are not interested the topic, or if they are not used to having opportunities for quiet reading.  These were also the same students who put “zzzz” as a text code for every article and didn’t provide any relevant or meaningful feedback with the annotation to help other students.  I will need to think about how to tweak the activity to nip this issue in the bud next time.
  • On the exit tickets, most students shared they liked the activity but wanted a little more time for each round, so instead of two-minute segments, I might adjust this to be 4-5 minutes.
  • I will give students a segment of sticky notes along with their reading menus to take with them as they travel from one article to another instead of putting the sticky notes with the articles on the desks.
  • Originally I envisioned using small sticky  notes for just an annotation code, but most students wanted to write short comments with the codes (which is great!), so I’ll just use regular sized stick notes.
  • I rearranged the room to have the desks in a square because I thought there would be better flow, but I wonder if it would have been better to have them in their original clusters of four and then have students rotate within a table group area before moving to the next cluster.
  • Overall, I am happy with this activity I designed, and I think it will be even better with a few modifications that I’ve outlined above.